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    Post  reborn337 on Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:05 am

    The following behaviors will result in your buying and selling privileges being removed indefinitely.

    If anyone is found to not pay for an item after they have said they have sent a payment, buying and selling privileges will be removed.

    If anyone is found to not ship out promised items (within 5 days of promised ship date),
    or claimed that they have not received a payment (money orders) up to 10 days after the buyer has sent it...
    All selling and buying privileges will be removed until they do receive the payment, or the buyer receives their items.
    There is just a VERY small chance a letter sized envelope with a payment will get lost in the mail multiple times.
    USPS sucks, but they don't suck that much!

    If you are doing a trade make sure that it is a fair.
    1)Don't let someone send you out 4 items worth 20.00, and you send back a bottle worth 2.50.
    Send out items at the same time, same for a gift swap.
    Unless the other recipient has said otherwise, and you are okay with it
    Be fair!

    Note: All negative feedback is reviewed by staff and is discussed with the buyer and seller.

    These actions can also result on being banned from the Agencey, so be careful and be fair about buying and selling ;-)
    We just want to keep everyone safe and happy. Continue selling and buying!
    Thank you!
    -The Reborn Agencey staff

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